Sana Khan I Ethnicity magazine

Cascading… Rose – Sana Khan

It’s the break of the day! And linger on to see the morning in her eyes… that’s composedly comin’ a way with bright-light sunshine. Then… likeably, like an evening Star, she shines a minuscule bliss to her petite dream-stream.

Ever since from her youngest years to the moment here… she’s always loved. Romantically, seen as the Glam Doll in Cine Dome Model-Dancer-Actress SANA KHAN uprights hallucination à la mode avant-garde et futuristic. And here she is déjà-vu as la belle fonte – and – there… she goes… in joie de vivre O′ what a Gorgeous-going….. ?

“Discovering this idyllic place, we find ourselves filled with a yearning to linger here, where time stands still and beauty overwhelms.” – anonymous

by Mahipal Singh

Sana Khan I Ethnicity magazine


What are You lovingly called at Your home-sweet-home?
Actually nothing… my very name itself is so short – so – majorly I’ m called by my name. My mom calls me beta when she wants to get some work out of me.

Can You bring back Your childhood memories?
(You in Your early days)
Childhood was fun as I had loads of friends and I was always a very talkative and hyperactive child, my whole school teachers and students knew me because of my bubbly nature.., but at home my grandparents use to control me a lot and make me do my homework, studying, tuitions and my Islamic couching so at home I was little opposite of my school.

Your dreams and aspirations as a little girl?
Travelling is my primary hobby and one consistent love of my life so I wanted to become an Air Hostess or Custom Officer. Actually uniform jobs always excited me as a person.

Where do You draw all Your inspirations from?
To become something is a dream or a desire but to reach that goal what’s important is your surrounding, your people around you who can motivate you and help you choose the right path – and – that has always been my mother, the way she handled me my grandparents and her work with the house. I wanna become only & only like her.

Having come a long way, how much have You gained and grown as a great Actress?
I think everything teaches you something good or bad. I have been very fortunate to have worked with great team of Actors and Directors and I guess with no professional training I have definitely grown a lot and for better. I am pretty-much a staunch Leo who stick by my perceptions.

Sana Khan I Ethnicity magazine

What makes You so passionate about Acting?
Everything… specially the opportunity of playing different characters that you are not.., it also exposes you to different kinds of people and emotions which otherwise is not possible.

Your passion to be in the Show business?
I guess once you start getting showered with so much of attention and care it gives you that adrenaline rush to do more… Game and power actually makes you a passionate person and the Entertainment Industry is biggest of them all.

Your life as a Model?
My initial modelling days were tough as I didn’t know people, acting or the method of how it works… But later with my hard-work and dedication I started growing and I became one of the most-popular Model for ads and I really enjoyed that time to… Just a model phase.

What does it take be a good Actress?
The most-important thing is deep expressive eyes… an Actor’s strongest point to success. You have to have those intense eyes and expressive face so that audiences can feel and experience what you are executing.

How have you come a-fore in Bollywood small screen and big screen?
I stared with ads, my few ads were very popular which landed me regional movie and eventually I got ‘Bigg Boss’ cause of my most-controversial ad ‘Amul Macho’ and the journey continues.

Talk do about appearance on television on Realty TV Shows –
‘Bigg Boss Season 6 2012’ & ‘Big Boss Halla Boll 2015’ & ‘Fear Factor: Khatron Ke Khiladi Darr Ka Blockbuster Returns Season 6 2015’?
‘Bigg Boss’ is India’s biggest Reality Show and everyone is hooked on to it. I was lucky that it helped me in a positive image building and I got so much of live from people who don’t even know me. It feels great… With ‘KKK’ I’m someone whose not an adventurous person but I took up that show as I wanted to shift my focus from certain situation but I never ever thought in my life that I could do all that which I have done and survived till semi-finale being the weakest Contestant.

Share in details about Bollywood (Hindi film) experiences?
(do share in length)
I have done almost 9 South movies and it’s very different there in terms of acting which is very loud, people are very disciplined – they respect time and are always on time. Things are very different in Bollywood.

So far… so good, You have acted in Hindi films – ‘Yeh! Hai High Society’, ‘Bombay to Goa’, ‘Dhan Dhana Dhan Goal’, ‘Halla Bol’, ‘Jai Ho’, ‘Great Grand Masti’?
(do share  about Your best film act)
My Bollywood break was definitely something I never thought of, as people always told me that ‘Bigg Boss’ won’t get you anything and infact proving everyone wrong landed up a role in ‘Jai Ho’ opposite Salman Khan as a Villain, and till date I’m the only Contestant of ‘Bigg Boss’ who got a chance to work with the host himself the heartthrob of the nation.

Well I have opted out from ‘Great Grand Masti’ due to personal reasons… rest all have been my ladder to come up and get experience. And I m happy what all I did and it made me a better Actor and also camera-friendly.

As far as my new film signs concerned, I am now working on ‘Tom Dick and Harry 2’.

Sana Khan I Ethnicity magazine

Are You working on any Hollywood movies as well?
ha… ha… ha…  I wish but no Hollywood for now.

About Your successful act in Regional films?
I have done Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, and Malyalam language, as it has been a great experience as we all consider it South but it’s all different from each other, I enjoyed living like South Indian for 5 years doing 9 movies and I have been lucky to work with Nagarjuna, Simbu, Prakash Raj and many more big Stars there.

How about cross-over films?
I would love to be a part of cross-over movies. I hope I get that opportunity too.

To Your credit You were nominated the Stardust Award Breakthrough Performance – Female’?
I was so surprised to know that someone noticed me. I was humbled and honoured completely. I was excited the whole week only to know that I’m in nomination category.

Your appearance in Men’s Underwear brand ‘Amul Macho’ TV ad-film commercial pro-actively turned controversial. But creative personnel appreciated the commercial. And a sequel of same was shot for same commercial with a different ideation during 2008? (share Your very feeling…)
Honestly, I never wanted to b part of that ad but my Casting Director convinced me to do ad and told me that it will be amazing and I just followed her, I never thought it will become so big and it actually gave me a career.

Who are Your major influences in life?
Travelling and reading influences me a lot. From 2015 there is something that has changed me and it’s a 360° turn in terms of thinking talking my perspectives have changed and my visions got wider.

What is your style & lifestyle like?
I believe in living life king size…. I’m someone who is very planned to live life on my term is important. My style keeps changing as I travel a lot so I buy clothes accordingly…, on regular basis I like casual stuff which is comfortable still very stylish.

How would You define ‘Style’ in Your own simple words?
Are You very dress-conscious?
I’m look-conscious. I really see that I’m well-dressed when I go out… specially in terms of breath and odour.

Sana Khan I Ethnicity magazine

Your wardrobe like?
My wardrobe is very neat arranged as I’m cleanliness freak I don’t like people who dump clothes inside. I have all hanged on hangers and rest neatly folded. It has amazing fragrance and you can find everything in my wardrobe from dresses to gowns to pants to jeans and tees. My favourite colours flaunt Gold, Red, and Purple.  

What really brings in sophistication and makes a woman look attractive?
I think education plays a key role in what you think and talk or behave, also travelling I would like to add.., well dress woman in decent attire always looks classy.., I think people should be mentally attractive. You can’t survive with just looks.

You on Your beauty secrets?
I take very good care of my skin hair and body. I do regular work-out, I don’t eat junk…  I drink loads of water and apply moisturiser that suits my skin. I never step out without my sunscreen, shades and lip balm.

I do scrub my body once in 15 days…, exfoliation is the key to healthy skin.

Your favourite spots You can be spotted?
Honestly I don’t go out much on personal level. And it just depends what I feel like so I go… I love to eat Sushis so I like going to Wasabi or a South Indian thali, but nothing in particular. My choice always changes.

If You wanna share about any special person in Your life?
Or if You wanna share about Your love life?
As of now I don’t have any love life I’m just happy with friends, family, travelling and reading. I think I need more time to learn to handle situations and relations.

And what’s that one special thing You have in store for the love of Your life?
(do You mind sharing…)
It depends how the person is. I am romantic and very spontaneous. It all depends on what kind of a person he is and his choices for me to plan special something.

Sana Khan I Ethnicity magazine

You do maintain Yourself so well. Do you mind sharing about Your health diet?
As I told You above I keep a check on the calorie intake and eat proper protein, I drink orange juice everyday home-made, lemon honey water and coconut water. If you are hydrated it shows.

How do You so well-balance with Your personal and Your professional sides of life?
I come from a middle-class family so the first thing you learn there is to manage your house and family. And that’s inborn… so I have mastered the art now.

Your special interests in life?
I wanna explore every Country, City, State, on the globe.

It You are part and parcel of any Organisation or Association engaged in Social Service activities?
I’m not with any yet, but I do my bit that I wanna do and I do it personally.

You are pretty-much seen as a great Dancer?
(an insight about Your area of specialisation in ‘Dance’

and an in-depth on ‘Dance as a Performing Art’)
I love music that’s it. I’ m not trained in any special form of dancing. I just do Bollywood. But I have good grasping power to I learn fast and can do things I have never done before.

Do You mind sharing about Your favourite ‘Dance’ style or styles ?Bollywood is my ultimate favourite style.

If fond of Music?
I hear music according to my mood. But I love old songs from 70s’ to 90s’ are my favourite era of songs. I hear instrumental also to calm my mind.

Where do You find Your peace of mind?
When I read… Coz I read when I’m  all-alone – no one to disturb and I get into my imaginary world of the story I read and then I get absolutely sound sleep… It’s very peaceful.

What is that one best thing which makes You feel so very special in Your life?
I think the gift of life itself, good health, family, good food, shelter I think people who have all this must thank their Lord everyday.

Sana Khan I Ethnicity magazine

Everyday, how do You make Your every single day a very special day?
I make it special by using it to the fullest… In terms of taking care of my health, surrounding myself with family and friends whenever free… Everyday cannot be the same but we must be thankful for every single day. 

How much of Your time do You actually spend at home?
If not working then almost all day excluding my gym hours, or I pamper myself with spa when I have complete off.

Share some of the greatest moments of Your life?
My 1st ad, when I got award for best debutant for Tamil movie in Singapore it was an honour, my ‘BB’ 6 days and ‘KKK’ 6 days.

Your simple piece of mind to the happening generation, today?
I’ve been care-free… is .o.k. But being careless is not… Respect your family and spend time with them as much as possible. They are most valuable possession we own. We must all know our moral duty towards our Country & Countrymen. And Citizens drive safe and be humble-and-helpful to people you don’t know too.

What do You look ahead in life for?
The most-important is happiness and peace. And the rest follows automatically.