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Secret Spell – Super-Model RASHMI BUNTWAL

Charmingly, it’s the hour-glass-case figurine – and – she’s like the her ‘seasonal romance’ (‘La Primavera’) raised to be a lone creative Child to her Father – a Company Director and her Mother – a home-maker with composure down-rights Super-Model RASHMI BUNTWAL      

The ever-alluring thin-trim-slim beauté was born in Bangalore and brought up across the Country in a number of metropolis. And interestingly, a highly-qualified passage-way, rightly, from her home-town in Mangalore to Bangalore and from Lucknow to Mumbai, has always kept the fountain squirt and water spout and overflow.  The startling poise has successfully-completed her Masters in Business Administration from Mumbai and specialised in Finance and International Business.  Perfectly, she now sprucely stifles and quells and lets her audience ogle her refined fashionable showcase in the Fashion Dome of the beauteous now-time.

by Mahipal Singh

Rashmi Buntwal I Ethnicity magazine


What are You lovingly called at Your home-sweet-home?

Can You bring back Your childhood memories?
It was a very regular disciplined childhood.

Your dreams and aspirations as a little girl?
I wanted to be an Astronaut 🙂

 Where do You draw all Your inspirations from?
I am a very Spiritual person. I get inspired by the beauty of nature. There’s so much to learn from simple everyday activities around us. I also like reading Bhagvat Gita and other knowledgeable books.

Having come a long way, how much have You gained and grown as a great Model? & Actress?
I would say the experience has enriched me as a person. End of the day it’s just like any other job. And I find my happiness in doing what I do.

What makes You so passionate about Modelling & Acting?
The creativity involved in the entire process!! It takes a lot of patience and team efforts to finally get a great campaign out. The enthusiasm and the kind of hard work the whole team puts in, is very inspiring and fascinating to me.

Rashmi Buntwal I Ethnicity magazine

Your passion to be in the Show business?
It’s a medium through which I get to showcase my talent.

What does it take be a good Model & a good Actress?
Dedication, willingness to learn, and the motivation to do better and get better with every passing year.

How difficult is the task for a newcomer to step into the business?
It isn’t too difficult in my opinion. In today’s scenario I see a lot of opportunities for diverse talents in showbiz. People are always looking for versatile and interesting faces. And there are many talented people with a lot of potential.

If You ever remember Your very-very first big break in the Entertainment industry?
I remember it was during my exams while I was still in my First Year of College. There was the team from a leading magazine scouting for fresh faces. I remember them spotting me chilling outside my college. I later went on to doing few editorials with them and that’s how it all started.

Rashmi Buntwal I Ethnicity magazine

You were a face on advertisement commercial campaigns in stills and ad-films?
(the brands & designer-labels You have modeled for)
Yes I have modelled for brands like Fabindia, Derhy, Allen Solly, Lakme lipsticks, Malabar Gold, C. Krishniah Chetty & Sons jewellery, Roopam, Enrich Salon among many others.

As a Fashion Model You have walked the ramps for Fashion Designers and have worked on designer campaigns?
(Fashion Designers including garments, jewellery, accessories, footwear)
I did fashion weeks in the initial years later on moved to doing print campaigns and television commercials. 

Rashmi Buntwal I Ethnicity magazine

You were the Cover Girl on a number of magazines covers worldwide?
Yes the Indian edition of the international publishes as well as leading magazines in the domestic market.

The world-class Photographers You have worked with in the Country and abroad?
I have been very lucky to have had the opportunity to be selected to work on and represent top-of-the-line brands and designers which have been shot by leading photographers from India and abroad.

If fond of Music?
(World’s Music you turn your ears to listen to)
I like listening to pop songs from the 90s

(The Music Artistes you always admire from the world over)
Sting, Coldplay, Enrique Iglesius <3 taylor swift, Enigma, Roxette

(The best song-track according to you)
Desert Rose by Sting and Paradise by Coldplay

Rashmi Buntwal I Ethnicity magazine

Do You believe in the Art Of Dancing?
(if You a good Dancer and into Dancing do share about Your styles of Dances)
Yes I believe it’s a way of expressing yourself and also how you feel. I dance occasionally. Also I love watching dance performances. It’s very therapeutic and a stress buster.

Who are Your major influences in life?
I am not really influenced by anyone. Of course there are people I look up to and admire and I tend to pick up the good qualities from everyone and that’s an on-going process. I believe there’s something that can be learnt from everybody.

What is your style & lifestyle like?
(do you believe in any of the artificial forms of beliefs like astrology etc…).
I AM a Libran. Very balanced in nature. I am very open-minded and I do believe in alternative sciences and respect them totally but personally I don’t really follow any such thing.

How would You define ‘Style’ in Your own simple words?
It should ooze elegance and class!

Rashmi Buntwal I Ethnicity magazine

Are You very dress-conscious?
(Are you very label or brand conscious when it comes to designs)
(Who are Your favourite designers You like to wear on from the world over)
(The designer wear in clothing, jewellery & accessories, footwear)
I am brand-conscious only for the quality. I am into reasonably-priced brands and not ridiculously expensive international designer wear. I like my bags from Guess, shoes from Steve Madden and Aldo, clothing I usually go for custom-made ones from my favourite boutiques around Bandra if not Zara, Accessorize has some lovely accessories.

Your wardrobe like?
(Your favourite colours)
I love Beige, Off-Whites, Royal Blues and Blacks. I prefer feminine dresses that fit well. Also I love wearing Anarkalis and sarees occasionally.

What really brings in sophistication and makes a woman look attractive?
Minimalism and mannerisms bring sophistication. And warmth, empathising nature and self-belief makes her attractive.

You on Your beauty secrets?
(What world-class beauty products You are into)
My skincare is very basic.  I use an Elizabeth Arden cleanser followed by Lancôme Visionnaire toner and serum. At nights Kiehl’s vitamin C and daytime a sunscreen by Shiseido.

Are You are into Your own business as well?
Not yet.

Your favourite spots You can be spotted?
Coffee Shops any day!

If You wanna share about any special person in Your life.
Or if You wanna share about Your love life?
The only special people in my life are my Parents.

Rashmi Buntwal I Ethnicity magazine

You do maintain Yourself so well. Do you mind sharing about Your health diet?
I eat everything in moderation. Also I work-out whenever possible. I like a mix of Pilates, Kick-Boxing and Yoga and Calisthenics

How do You so well-balance with Your personal and Your professional sides of life?
The key word here is commitment. Whatever I take on in life I make sure I give it my all. Hence I take on only those assignments to which I feel I could do justice to at that point in time if not I don’t take it up.

Your special interests in life?
I love travelling to different places and observing and learning from people who belong to different regions races and cultures. I find it very fascinating and enriching.

If You are part and parcel of any Organisation or Association engaged in Social Service activities?
I am a hard core animal lover and if and whenever I get an opportunity I would like to actively work with animal welfare organisations and do whatever it takes to ensure a decent living to all the animals. This is a matter that’s always been very close to my heart.

You are a voracious Reader?
So, as an avid Reader do make a mention of the books & titles You have have so far read) and (Your best reads)
Not a voracious Reader but I do find joy in reading some nice books every now and then. I am a very romantic person so I like reading the Mills & Boons series of the ‘Mills & Boon’.

Rashmi Buntwal I Ethnicity magazine

Where do You find Your peace of mind?
From the realisation that I have already been blessed with things many people in this Country don’t have access to. Contentment and gratitude keeps you sane. Also there’s no place for greed in my life. Hence I’m always at peace 🙂 

What is that one best thing which makes You feel so very special in Your life?
The fact that I am capable of taking each moment as it comes! I can be very spontaneous and I never regret anything I do.

Everyday, how do You make Your every single day a very special day?
Everyday when I wake up I think of all the blessings I have in life and that ensures I start my day positively.

How much of Your time do You actually spend at home?
On the days I’m not working I love binge watching movies, ordering from my favourite restaurant and sleeping for hours-and-hours.

Share some of the greatest moments of Your life?
The joy of having pets, their companionship and the love we shared, those have been the greatest moments so far 🙂

Rashmi Buntwal | Ethnicity magazine

Your simple piece of mind to the happening generation, today?
Do what makes you happy and keep trying till you succeed and then keep working hard to maintain what you have achieved.

What do You look ahead in life for?
I love my job and I look forward to having many more fruitful years ahead. On the personal front I would like to continue sharing my close bond with my family and friends and hope it just keeps getting more and more beautiful!

And if I’ve missed out on any?