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Upbeat Dreams…. Model-Belly Dancer-Actress SAREH FAR

Pleasantly, the ever-charming beauty Model-Belly Dancer-Actress SAREH FAR  makes a real-true fresh-new story in the Hindi film industry. Unquestionably, a highly qualified, talented, creative Persian Actress, holds a masters degree in biochemistry, now, sets in an example, breaking each-and-every rule of set frame of mind, of a Science fraternity. Nonetheless, she has even mastered her art of belly dancing and choreography, with acting.

by Mahipal Singh

Sareh Far | Ethnicity Magazine


You as Your own?
I’m a Persian born & brought up in My beautiful Country Iran. And I have completed my MSc. in Bio-Chemistry & BSc. in Genetics.

 Your interest in Genetics. And Your area of specialisation in Genetics?
Genetics is the study of Genes, Heredity and Variation in Living Organisms which will remain my all time favourite subject. I have interest in Human Genetics I mean Genetic disorders.

Your dreams and aspirations as a little girl? 
Education and to become an Actor.

Your inspirations as a creative personnel? 
My Father.

Your influences in life of a successful personality? 

You as an Actress? 
To give my soul to this profession and be true to my fans always. Acting is like a window for me. Whenever I want would open it and watch myself through new life and it gives me the pleasure of being a different person. I love acting.

Sareh Far | Ethnicity Magazine

You as part-and-parcel of Bollywood – do – share what brings You to Bollywood?
I am from Iran. And I came to India to continue my education. I was spotted and offered to model whilst sipping a cup of coffee in Barista right next to my college in Delhi. Interestingly, back home, ever since childhood, I was into theatres – so – I decided to perform in theatre in Mumbai after completion of my education  so shifted to dream city Mumbai to make a dream come true and then starred in one called ‘The lover after which I ‘got a call to audition for a movie. I bagged the role. Till now I finished three films.

Talk about Your act in Bollywood film ‘A Scandall’?
The film ‘A Scandall’ directed by Ishan Trivedi is a murder mystery, wherein, the storyline is bold, and is based on love, lust, revenge. And, “I’m glad that my portrayal of a family friend has been instrumental in getting the mystery solved. My act is being well-received by the audience”.

Talk about Your act in Bollywood film ‘Hai Apna Dil Toh Awara’?MJM production film ‘Hai Apna Dil Toh Awara’ directed by Monjoy Joy Mukerji (Son of veteran Actor-Director-Producer Joy Mukherjee) is slated to be released on 5th August 2016. It’s a romantic comedy, turning around… a slice of life of couples (in the main lead) in Mumbai, who, find their fruits of life on a trip to the picturesque valley of Kashmir, is the crux of the story.

In ‘Hai Apna Dil Toh Awara’ (H.A.D.T.A) I play the character of Sonya Singh, a classy-sweet girl, living in Kashmir with Resort Owner hubby Manjeet Singh Sodhi (Actor Herry Tangri) loving each other and sharing a strong chemistry that’s visible all throughout the movie.

“The film ‘Hai Apna Dil Toh Awara’ shares a meaningful message to all of us, especially for youth. showing us how to deal with our married lives and its relations”

Exclusivity of the film ‘Hai Apna Dil Toh Awara’ lies in its music? 
Interestingly, music is a plus point to the film – it has a soul song-track ‘Meheram Mere’ rendered by Mohit Chauhan and ‘Bhool Saari Baat’ are my favourite songs from the film”.

 Share Your on-the-sets of ‘Hai Apna Dil Toh Awara’ memories?
“Extremely cold in Kashmir – literally freezing… and I was shooting in my one-piece dress until midnight, was the toughest time I have ever had. I’ve been always searching for blankets or some one to hug me to keep myself warm”.

On the other hand, Director Monjoy Joy Mukerji was looking for a sunny day to shoot on the 2nd or 3rd day of the shoot schedule. And the whole team was ready set off to shoot. But, to our pleasant surprise and by the grace of God, it turned out to heavy snowfall. So, he was quite disillusioned. He left the set and went to his room. Then when I went to his room and opened the door, I saw him squat quiet besides the window.

Sareh Far | Ethnicity Magazine

I said… Sir why are You disappointed? Others create false snow but You are God-gifted with natural snow all around. Let’s think positive and not be upset. And he smiled at me but did not utter even a word, he called on the camera man and got back to work. We’ve got the most-beautiful and memorable shots in the snow seen in every single song.

“The best part of him is never let down any of his artistes”.

You as a Theatre Artiste?
The live connection with audience on stage takes me to some other world of acting. I feel too melodious and soulful from inside while acting in a play. My last play I have acted in is an English play called “The Lover” staged at NCPA in Mumbai.

You went on to be the talk-f-the-town with Your latest ‘Dear Darling’ product shoot campaign?
Of-late – in Mumbai, I’ve shot with Photographer Vishal Saxena for a brand called ‘Dear Darling’ (based on an international concept) to be launched in India on 14th August 2016.

You as a Belly Dancer?
Dance is an Art gifted by God and I’m really happy that I teach and gift this art to others.

What makes you so very passionate about Modelling, Dancing (Belly Dancing), Acting?
All are Art… and I love to be an Artiste.

Dancing as a rhythm in you, that’s part-and-parcel for maintaining, toning, shaping up of your body structure as well as balancing you on your health – heart and soul, mind, and body  – physically, mentally, and Spiritually? 
Of-course…… As far as Dancing goes… I am a Dance Instructor in Belly Dance & Persian Dance as well as working as a professional Dance Choreographer.

The music genres you’re fond of? 
I love music no matter what or which just has to be soulful.

Your beauty secrets?
Living it up every second to healthy-healthy food.
And of-course…. dancing.

What brings in a look of a sophisticated homely girl? 
I’m not a homely girl at all… I want to be…. I try hard to be… but it’s really tough… I like to work but not at home. I don’t like cooking… but when I would feel like cooking… that dish will be really turn out to be well-prepared and be yummy… as I want always to be best even in those things that I don’t like.

 What’s your style like? 
Free style… depends on my mood… what style I would carry each day.

How have grown in your own sweet style? 

What’s your lifestyle like? 
Simple and full of happiness

You’re pretty much dress-conscious? 
Yes. I am.

Your wardrobe. And your favourite attire in your wardrobe? 
Its exploding… and my favourite ones are my party dresses – sexy-short dresses.

Sareh Far | Ethnicity Magazine

Are in you into brands and designer labels? 
Yes… I choose the best no matter from which designer or brand it is but if that dress makes me fall in love with, then surely I buy it.

You well-coordinate on your overall look and make a great persona?

What according to you makes a woman attractive? 
Inner Beauty

What makes you feel so very special?  
My Family

Where do you find your peace of mind? 
Nature…  I see God more close.

Everyday, how do you make your every single day? 
Working and learning.

How much of your time do you spend at your home-sweet-home? 
Whenever I get freedom from work… I would spend time at my home and my lovely bed.

How do you so well-balance with your personal and your professional sides of life?
I manage somehow… most I do what I like… And that helps me.

What draws you into the Country ‘Hindustan’?  
Freedom & People. I love them

What do you look ahead in life for? 
“For more happiness and of-course… to make my dreams come true….. Now I am really hoping to get to play more challenging roles in the near-future. Whatever I’ve achieved uptill now is all because of my family and their very-support and some few good friends. To all aspiring up-and-coming talents, I must say… You never give up on Your dreams”.

(Courtesy : Dear Darling )