Initiator’s ball-point….

It gives us immense pleasure to put-forth and set-right our denoted-connotations in our promising-and-flourishing English ‘LIFESTYLE’ wholesome monthly magazine ‘Ethnicity’.

Thoughtfully-resolute, conscientious and meticulous, painstakingly, our enduring efforts come-to-a-fore with the orb long-desired – long-yearned wishes.

In contrast, in-keeping with temperate Summer (s) high, say… a-loud a must-have Summer moist winds, yawning, for Autumn/Fall loom, brimming a Monsoon torrential down-pour, overflowing our heart & soul galore….. uber-chic ‘Lifestyle’ qualitative and quantitative up-shot subject-matter.

And as we come to a-fore with in-depth – insights of the business of fashionable-Lifestyle stash and stock pile, we have ever since then… for ever and a day intended phenomenon in our fabrications…. for us and for our fragment strong-minded focal-point on the ‘Society’ and its’ true ‘Lifestyle’

Interestingly, by-and-by, contentedly, the episodic predictable magic charm is all about a-typical poise – in-and-out of the usual run on things, fundamentally, greeting a lounge and change-over. Our coverage envelops elaborations on the latterly-interpreted and stretches to a time-span frame on ‘The Society Lifestyle” repercussions.

“With and in ‘Ethnicity’, I wish to bring to light, ‘life full-of-beans’, and give back to the Society, what the ‘Society’ really deserves”.

“We closely-look at it, from each and every ‘Social’ aspect of life – so – take a close look at it (‘Ethnicity’) final count-down, dotted and spotted on, now”.

Hence, thus far, happily, in our latest incorporation…. as the season continues with trading at FASHION turntables, our spotlight features the lately-presented and flaunted, and readily-available, uncompromisingly.

And we put forth Seasonal Collections honouring the business of Fashion & Lifestyle and its Bollywood show-sha. Our revelations conclude over with some of the world’s most-observable-fact display-places.

Intently, the season mesmerises focus on hi-end collaborations. And the idea of business of Fashion, Style & Lifestyle is to re-fine and re-define state-of-the-art modus operandi and come out to be seen via performance and market-standing.

Thus far, précis silhouettes of our long-yearned presentable forte of the creators, quintessentially, our outlines have drawn-in and sketched-out precise into the precisely-niche plot and onto the perfect frame let’s say… as a perfectly thorough-bred Connoisseur of its and it’s time, tee-total.

“Our endeavours…., Your long-lasting support, does let You breathe-in Your refreshing ‘Colours Of Life’ via our ‘Ethnicity’ inscriptions”.


Mahipal Singh
(Editor & Publisher)


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