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Mahipal Singh

Mahipal Singh | Ethnicity magazine

Basically, born & brought up in the Capital City of India (Delhi) in a highly-disciplinarian society, with ‘vision’ and ‘mission’ “to walk that extra mile”.

Passionately, a much-socialised person, grown with discipline, punctuality, determination, and an attitude that’s greatly personalised.

A Master Of Arts (Hindi Literature) from SGTB Khalsa College, University Of Delhi, has come a-fore as a Media personnel ever since 1997 – and – has grown as a Creative Director over the period of years with prominent advertising agencies and publishing houses, highly-specialising in fashion-forward Graphic Designing & Visualising.

Today, stances as the Owner-Editor-Publisher of ‘Ethnicity (English LIFESTYLE wholesome monthly magazine) under in-house publication banner.

‘Ethnicity’ cope up with the extra-ordinary out of the run-of-the-mill “Ethos & Mores” outlined anecdotes for all dyed-in-the-wool Readers of the long-gone and the handy moment in time. It’s intriguing full-bodied ‘Write’ undoubtedly crafts a jubilant ‘Read’ to mean “lively” and “spirited” full-sized terminological mesmerised riches. And come what may…. ‘Ethnicity’ renounce crème-de-la-crème sylisâmes in sophistication.

“We give out what we’ve learnt at our homes and in school”.

Interestingly, with a passion for Writing, Political News, and Sports including Cricket, Badminton, Chess, etc…. life does yield another shape.

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